Boutique Bar Design

“Boutique” – small, exclusive business that offers a specialised service/a business specialising in one aspect of a larger industry…there are various ways to define the word but what exactly would a boutique bar be aiming for? The good news is that in terms of the physical design there are a myriad ways to create exclusivity. Using the keen, experienced eye of a good designer you can achieve the ultimate ambition of getting that super stylish feel for your finished venture. Whether you are looking to create a bar with a minimalist ultra modern feel, or recreate the decadent look of 1920s Paris, working with contemporary design materials and impressive imagery, coupled with cutting edge technology equals a venue with “Instagrammability”

Sitting down to think about how it might look may feel as though the list of options is never-ending and overwhelming thinking of even where to begin. Noted below then are a few ideas, just to get the creative grey cells going:

  • Retro finishes and custom art-inspired fixtures
  • Scandinavian wood panelling, as an alternative to a traditional rustic feel
  • High ceilings with floral designs painted inside
  • Custom designed furniture for coziness
  • Using the Pantone “colour of the year” (last year “greenery” 15-0343 this year ultraviolet 18-3838).
  • White walls and light-toned wood contrasting exposed dark brick and rich coloured tiles in mosaic style
  • High-tech, multi-functional lighting, bold lighting, sparkly chandeliers extending right through to the restrooms!
  • Original features such as wood panels kept and enhanced with bright LED lights, alternatively toned down and modernised
  • Lavish wallpaper…it might be losing its appeal somewhat, if you are to believe current trends, although it can be useful to create depth
  • Dark alcoves that serve as intimate sanctuaries
  • Arched niches in the walls fitted with mirrors to give the feeling of depth
  • Designated bright & funky corner spaces to create a buzzing environment for cocktail lovers
  • Colourful marble bar tops – it goes without saying that the look of a physical bar is extremely important as are the spaces where the liquors are displayed.

Bespoke Interior Design

Finally, what about adding a touch of nature using a fresh natural green hue – being brave and opting for full area of a bright shade of green, paint just one accent wall green accent, adding plants such as ferns or simply using green serviettes and a splash of fresh green colour on the menus. You could go all out and add a living wall, believe it or not!

So, this is just a few things to throw in the ring. As we said, design possibilities really are endless and creating your design can be an extremely exciting and rewarding process.


Boutique Bar Design

Boutique Bar Design