Casino Design Considerations


The casino is a place of excitement so, on taking that first step inside, it should feel thrilling to use and be inviting rather than daunting. Casino design planning would begin therefore by thinking about the overall impression, the kind of environment you wish to create, what emotional context behind the finished venue will be and whether user expectations will fulfilled from the end product.


Easy and intuitive to navigate around is the more modern-day, excepted way of designing a casino. This, in contrast to the Las Vegas type classic theory about how a casino should be be arranged. The old ideas of creating a maze-like space with low ceilings and no way to tell the time of day may not be as appealing to the casino patron of today, feeling outdated and off-putting.  Over the last few years the industry has seen a shift in ideas with regard to optimum layout. These changes have resulted in the idea of smaller groups of machines with more space around them and, in some cases, with a somewhat more opulent immediate surrounding area. Importantly, as well, the idea of a casino with a more intuitive feel is now considered by most as a the best way to help customers get maximum enjoyment from their visit.


Space, shape and size will dictate the answer to the questions of how many tables, where the table area should be placed and how they their position will best ensure security needs are met. However, for high-stakes clients, privacy is the serious issue. This element should feature high on the list of initial thoughts on layout at the planning stage.  Equally, security is the another key concern that needs time and an expert opinion to work through.  Ease of service to customers is third operational part of the planning stage which, if well devised, will mean benefits to both customers and venue owner by avoiding situations where areas of the casino are underused and not profit making.


A good floor layout is essential to charm people into the casino area. This is particularly important for hotel users who may have a casual or impulsive interest.  These potential customers need to be enticed inside so an intuitive flow onto the casino floor from another public areas needs to be developed. A casino needs to work well for all kinds of users whether they be casual, regular big spenders or those seeking a comfortable place to work the slots alone. There are lots of user scenarios that can be discussed at first discussion stages to ensure all possibilities are covered.