Cinema Design


Cinemas are places where movies can transport us into another world. Therefore, cinema design specifically with the interior design of a cinema can be as critical as the movie in making a cinema visit a special experience.

Cinema design has strict design specifications and adhering to these is the crucial element for developing a cinema experience to be enjoyed by audiences.

All cinema designers need to adhere to the latest construction design and management regulations that came into force in April 2015. These regulations stipulate the planning element of construction projects. Other professionals involved in a cinema project would likely be services engineers and quality surveyor.

Successful cinema design is essential to produce good viewing experience and acoustics for the audience. In that way, considerations need to be looked at in terms of flooring, seating patterns and the film projection area.

Planning is essential to good cinema design as this is where the boundaries and artistic policies are set. The cinema design objectives are clearly defined with technical requirements for sound-proofing, disabled access and lighting arrangements plus the management of air quality within the cinema.


Cinema Design Budget

A cinema design budget should be set to careful and realistic figures from the very outset.  This helps cinema design be managed in phased stages that helps maintain strict budget control. More complex and ambitious ideas could quickly increase potential costs but some really creative ideas can still be tailored to suit different budgets.

Modern cinema design

These days moviegoers want an immersive experience before and during the movie. An unforgettable experience can be achieved by starting with the cinema design. Audiences demand very high standards so the services of an experienced cinema designer are essential in order to be able to achieve a modern creation that is both comfortable and memorable. In an age of social media and online product review facilities, a cinema design that is not well thought out could result in reviews such as uncomfortable, cold or run down.