Food Hall Designing


Julian Taylor Design Associates is an interior design agency experienced in working on in a vast range of projects, both large and small, local and international.

The company was built on small projects within the retail,  hospitality & leisure industry and we continue to undertake this kind of work with much enthusiasm. Despite expansion of the practice over the years, working with smaller restaurants and retail outlets remains the foundation of our work. 

We are particularly excited by developments in the popularity of food halls and with over half the population looking to take advantage of the amenities and facilities that urban life offers, interest in them is bound to grow.  Food hall offers city dwellers access to fresh produce that can seem out of reach and a visit to a food hall can be a really pleasurable experience, having the advantage of feeling like a community hub.

Independent operators in the food retail industry can benefit as much from our team’s skills and experience as the MD of company running a massive estate of venues or outlets.  We continue to have a real appetite for design when it comes to delivering high-quality outlets, a site specific, hands-on approach is employed on every project. 

Completion of a smaller, local project is usually highly rewarding for our team as we take great pride in seeing an independent business owner thrive following the unveiling of a Julian Taylor designed venture. Working to realise a food hall project within an existing building poses special challenges that we thrive on, such as ensuring regulations are conformed to, whether that be particular location or even a specific country.

Our practice is a great choice for anyone looking to open or revamp a unit because we particularly skilled in understanding that budget might be a more key issue for independents businesses. We manage the project by ensuring we remain flexible and innovative in our approach to the works, making it our mission to ensure your project is completed with maximum commercial potential in mind.

Talk to us today about refurbishment of an existing unit or let us help you get started with the design of an independent new business or food hall/food retail undertaking.


Food Hall Designing

Food Hall Designing