Gastro Pub Design

Gastro pubs have sprung up in abundance over the last few years. Such a steep rise in these so-called gastro pubs has meant hundreds of independent outlets as well as chain pubs now offer food as a way to tempt customers back into a declining pub scene.

Today there is common consensus of what makes a good gastro pub in terms of food. Customers expect to see a menu that follows roughly a British tradition of homemade hearty meals accompanied by a range of cask or real ales. In terms of design though, what really makes a good gastro pub?

Placing your order at the bar is the obvious thing that separates gastro pubs from restaurants but gastro pub clientele are still looking a comfortable space in which to feel relaxed before, during and after eating. The idea of a gastro pub caught on pretty quickly over a short period, so in terms of design there can sometimes be a lack of imagination within the sector with concepts that have becoming formulaic, resembling an attempt to gentrify but in a low key way. What some designers forget about the pub trade is that these days different people want different things from their pub experience according to factors such as day of week and time of day. Is there any variety to be found then and can a designer keep that traditional ancient beams and dark wood feel whilst introducing new ideas to separate the average from the great?


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Gastropubs owners and managers like to see their premises not just as a business but as a hub for socialising and a central place within a community.  So what do customers really want from a gastropub? Should it remain first and foremost a pub and secondly gastro or the other way around? An experienced gastro pub designer can help you answer these questions and more.

It does seem like there are many ideas that continue to please: wooden floors, blackboards, open fires, country kitchen style wooden chairs etc but adding a modern touch with colour experimentation, brick wall features and patterned funky chairs can help bring a touch of new to the old.  Although, tables should never be small like the ones found in deli type cafes, they do not necessarily have to be wooden. Indeed, the interesting thing about designing a gastro pub is that it can have a deluxe modern feel whilst still in keeping with the country pub idea.

An understanding of the market is key to help realise your dream of creating a gastro pub that is absolutely not run of the mill.  Discuss your ideas with Julian Taylor Design Associates.


gastro pub design

Gastro pub design