International Hospitality Design

Our award-winning practice has established itself as a leading source of innovation and design and our recent successful international projects in Europe, Africa and the USA have fortified our reputation within the design world.

Julian Taylor Design Associates is an interior design agency that is experienced in working on a wide range of projects, both in the UK and internationally. Although the UK has traditionally been the core of our leisure and hospitality design business our agency has been privileged to work on many international projects in recent years. As a multi-disciplined practice we undertake our international projects with the same desire to innovate that is the core of our whole business ethos.  We are able, additionally, to offer our clients the specialist skill of understanding the needs of local markets and thorough local research is a key part of the service we provide.

We find large-scale projects thrilling and exciting as they require the utmost in dedication, passion and creativity. With each undertaking we guarantee an approach that is 100% client and location specific to ensure that, for whatever the particular market, the right solution is found. 

With experience spanning almost two decades, we have seen many changes in the industry. Indeed, design is not at all a static profession, styles are forever evolving and technologies are constantly advancing. The challenges we undertake are driven by an assortment of factors and our international projects present us the most stimulating challenges of all.

We are particularly proud of our recent achievements within the international world of design: two projects within the cinema/theatre dining sector in Boston, Massachusetts; the flagship Showcase Superlux and the Showcase Live. We have raised the standard of design of theatre dining and cemented our reputation across the Atlantic. These two projects required a real focus on conceptual work and careful consideration of finer details.

Urban City in Luxembourg’s capital was a test of our ability to evolve a groundbreaking venue, who’s goal had been to reinstate the idea of enjoying a night out in the small but beautiful capital city.  Spread over two floors the venue’s new ambition was to appeal to a diverse clientele, offering a different experience at different times of the day. Our flair for design harmony enabled us to create a lower floor casual ‘mixology’ type experience and an upper floor dedicated to finer dining, the two cohabiting seamlessly.

Our expertise in conceptual design has been brought to the fore most recently through our development of a unique dining experience in Luanda, Angola.  Our efforts have resulted in the realisation of five stand-alone drinking-dining concepts within an existing retail complex, the Avennida.  The globally inspired outlets with their exciting menus offer real taste sensations to suit every palate, bringing a host of new dining experiences to Angola’s capital city.

Take a look at website to see images of the amazing recent leisure and hospitality design work the JDTA has done internationally.

international hospitality design

International Hospitality Design