Impossible, Peter Street, Manchester

Jtda have completed the long awaited first two phases of the Impossible development in central Manchester.
Comprising two floors the site is made up of the main bar hall and dining on the ground floor and the secret Ginpossible nest on the first floor. Open throughout the day and late night the site reflect the 3m investment by Tokyo industries, the countries leading independent owner and operator in the U.K.
“Dramatic escape” reflects the values of the brand in a fun, sexy nature. The nest provides a secret hideaway accessible only by a coded phone call from the bar that allows views from under the roof wing into the hall below.
As a space the main hall has a lively, buzzing vibe that echoes around the building.
Soon to be followed by the opening of the Theatre du Impossible club in the lower ground floor this venue will be operating at full capacity and offering Manchester a complete entertainment experience.