Restaurant Design Inspiration

using ‘cool’ colours

A huge aspect of creating the overall atmosphere of a restaurant is colour choice and ‘cool’ colours maintain particular associations that have been proven to really work within the hospitality industry.  Soft creams & light greys will always give a venue a classic feel that conveys style with a sense of reliability. With the added advantage of instilling a feeling of calmness, which could easily translate into an extended stay and extra sales.  

Green and browns also have a connection to feelings of relaxation and calm due to their relationship with nature. This, once again, could serve to help customers enjoy a prolonged experience within most types of dining establishments.  Green, of course, is the best choice for a venue that is frequented by health-conscious diners looking for fresh, local or eco products or deli-style cafes that offer buffet type salads and gourmet sandwiches. Brown can be used alongside other colours as a foundation or base tone which gives this colour some versatility. Venues that are decorated predominately with shades of brown have a home from home, have familiarity and dependability attached to them, that said, there remains a danger of creating drab and dull feel – gastro pubs need to add the brightness or freshness of an additional colour to avoid this potential problem of too much of a woody or earthy look.

While blue is also calming and it rarely a good choice. As well have having the connotation of traditional and conservative – unsuited to a restaurant that is looking to create a funky or modern feel to it –  the major downside is that fact that blue can act as an appetite suppressant (the theory goes that this is because little blue exists naturally in food and therefore there are no real appetising associations with it). Restaurants hoping to serve meals consisting of more than one course might think twice about choosing any shade of blue (an outlet by the sea might be an exception to the rule!)

If you are intending to open a high-class venue, purple could be a contender. Often regarded as a regal colour and a colour connected to exotic places, purple exudes expense and sophistication.  Alternatively, use of purple in order to attract young, modern thinking clientele, purple, paired with another rich colour, is a great choice for a drinks only venue such as a coffee house or city bar where the need to increase turnover from food is not a priority.

The above guide should just be a good place to start thinking about this crucial element of design – if you have another colour in mind that best fits in with your current brand and you are keen to progress with a set idea, a good designer can help you make anything work.


Restaurant Design Inspiration using 'cool' colours

Restaurant Design Inspiration using ‘cool’ colours