Restaurant Design


Restaurant design is becoming more paramount to help grow a restaurant business. After a 2009 decline in UK numbers there are now more than 94,000 restaurants operating throughout the UK. In the US, the number is closer to 1 million restaurants. The necessity to differentiate with restaurant design, therefore, is more vital than ever before and many aspects need to be taken into consideration, from branding concept design down to the cutlery. Many restaurants are simply ‘making it up as they go along’ with no real design incentive behind their decisions.


Restaurant Design Concepts


Restaurant concept development is a term used for the general development of restaurant design and planning in which a team is assembled from a range of disciplines. The team is varied and is not made up simply of architects and interior designers.


Restaurant Design Projects


Restaurant design projects can be complex so it is always recommended to use experienced designers who will become personally involved in turning a restaurant design into a reality. Effective restaurant design should have the aim of maintaining a pleasurable atmosphere within the restaurant, this, combined with excellent cuisine and customer service will usually result in great success.


Restaurant designs are brands that have personality. They take on a persona through carefully defined, memorable themes. The brand should be created before the initial sketching phase and a restaurant designer will lead this part of the project first.


Restaurant Design Brand Choice


Branding has to shout out what the restaurant is about and commit to giving guests a unique experience. This is the only way to differentiate one restaurant from others, by demonstrating a real desire to please the customer.


Of course the quality of the furniture is essential in order to portray a good impression but the selection of the crockery and cutlery should not be underestimated. Usually, the type of cuisine will dictate choices somewhat.